Texas Legislative Update

The Texas Legislator only meets once every two years from January to May. They are in session right now making decisions on a great many things that will impact the daily lives of children and nature. While Texas Children in Nature does not specifically endorse any one specific bill or ideology, we do want to provide our network with information.

Our friends over at the YMCA and Texas Coalition for Conservation are tracking a number of bills that relate to children’s health, access to nature and wildlife. We encourage you to have a look at the bills so you can make informed choices.

Texas Children in Nature envisions a future were all children in Texas have safe, equitable access to nature to be healthier, happier and smarter. Currently we have 375 partner organizations working on bringing this future to life.

While policies and laws are an important piece of ensuring a nature-rich future for our youth, the best method for building a positive relationship between children and nature is to get them outdoors!

Here are links and PDFs with the Bills that our partners are tracking.