Texas Nature Challenge Connects Families with Nearby Nature

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The Texas Nature Challenge connects kids and families with fun outdoor adventures to make memories that will last a lifetime.

The challenge features family activities at nature centers, museums, gardens, or local and state parks designed to encourage families to explore and learn something unique to that location.

“I enjoyed going to new places with my family that I didn’t know existed around the coastal bend,” says Adina Gonzales, one of the youth participants in the 2013 Coastal Bend Challenge. “I love spending time with my kids outdoors and this gave us something to look forward to each week,” added Adina’s father, Rick.

Families may participate by visiting the designated sites, and then create a nature journal, scrapbook or blog to record their experiences and have a chance to win prizes.

“Children today are spending more than 7 hours a day with media. Activities like the Texas Nature Challenge create opportunities for families to engage with their kids or grandkids to have fun, healthy things to do together outside,” says Jennifer Bristol, Coordinator for Texas Children in Nature.

Participating state parks include: Pedernales Falls, Inks Lake, McKinney Falls, Goose Island, Mustang Island, McKinney Falls, Buescher and Bastrop.

“So head outside, learn new things and discover new places,” says Bristol.

Register your family or team and download challenges at The Texas Nature Challenge is hosted by the Texas A&M Forest Service. For more outdoor ideas visit,